Yaron Herman and LOUIS XIII
Yaron Herman and LOUIS XIII

Yaron Herman and LOUIS XIII: One Note Prelude

February 2020

LOUIS XIII has collaborated with Paris-based composer and pianist Yaron Herman to celebrate the unique sound produced when a toast is made with two LOUIS XIII cognac glasses

Combining music, technology and design, One Note Prelude is an innovative project built around a single note – the pitch-perfect G-sharp chime created by clinking together two specially designed LOUIS XIII cognac glasses.

To honour this special sound, we wanted to collaborate with a musician in order to produce an original piece of music based on this single G-sharp note. We turned to Yaron Herman, a French-Israeli composer and jazz pianist based in Paris.

Known for his visionary thinking, Yaron has an innovative approach to music creation, blurring the lines between jazz, pop and classical music in his high-energy compositions. His eclectic style is the perfect fit for LOUIS XIII, as we are known for bringing together many different elements, drawn from different moments in time, as well for always thinking a century ahead.


A unique challenge

Composing a piece of music using a single note was a challenge Yaron quickly embraced. ‘It’s like cooking with a single ingredient,’ he says. ‘I had to give the note meaning, and the idea that one note can evolve over time and reveal itself was something that I found fascinating.’

Evolving over time is a familiar concept for LOUIS XIII. ‘This offers a perfect parallel for the long-lasting flavour of a single drop of LOUIS XIII cognac, which lasts for up to one hour on the palate,’ says LOUIS XIII global executive director Ludovic du Plessis.

Yaron’s exclusive composition for LOUIS XIII, entitled One Note Prelude, begins with with the distinctive G-sharp chime of two LOUIS XIII glasses making a toast, which immediately draws you in. Yaron then introduces the G-sharp note played on the piano, joined by a string quartet playing the same note but at different octaves and using contrasting rhythms and timbres, the individual instruments adding texture, structure and harmony to the composition.

A violin provides the main melody, while a second violin and a viola add colour and harmony. A cello adds a rhythmic bass line, bringing an assured structure to the melody, which soon rises to an intense crescendo.

The perfect Toast
The perfect Toast

The perfect toast

As this note was born out of making a toast, it was important that the composition captured the passion behind the perfect toast too. ‘I had to build the world around one note, which made the whole experience more intense,’ says Yaron.

He was also inspired by the various elements that are blended together to recreate the signature LOUIS XIII notes. One Note Prelude pays homage to the evolving taste of a drop of LOUIS XIII on the palate. ‘The symphony has a complex simplicity. It’s just one note, but it’s a compilation of sounds,’ says Yaron.

One Note Prelude curated by LOUIS XIII cognac is performed by Yaron Herman on piano, accompanied by a string quartet comprising Marielle de Rocca-Serra, Maia Collette, Camille Borsarello and Lison Favard. The performance commences with a G-sharp chime produced by a pair of specially programmed robotic arms that have been choreographed to make a toast with two LOUIS XIII cognac glasses.