LOUIS XIII Cognac Tasting Experiences
Discover the craftsmanship of LOUIS XIII through Cognac tasting experiences at our Cognac estates, creating memories for years to come. The House of Rémy Martin invites you to experience Cognac in a new way, through unique cognac distillery tours and cognac tasting experiences.

Introduction to LOUIS XIII

2-hour tour of estate & LOUIS XIII space, followed by a LOUIS XIII tasting.

LOUIS XIII Experience

Full day experience dedicated uniquely to you.

The Infinity Experience

Refill your decanter with the innovative INFINITY WHEEL.

Introduction to LOUIS XIII

Let us take you on a journey through time, where centuries of history and expertise are revealed to you. Centuries-old casks whisper the secrets of infinite patience, where each drop tells a story, a subtle alchemy of flavours. More than just a tasting, experience an initiation into the secrets of LOUIS XIII.
The Programme Discover a new tour format with an immersive visit of the historic House and LOUIS XIII space followed by a tasting* experience of our LOUIS XIII Cognac. Open Monday to Saturday all year round, by reservation.

300€ / Person

*Tastings reserved for participants aged 18 and over. For those who do not wish to consume alcohol, an alternative will be provided.

More LOUIS XIII Cognac Visits

There is a place in Grande Champagne devoted to Maison Rémy Martin's finest cognac, the legendary LOUIS XIII. A true family garden of Eden where only the invited are admitted, the Grollet Estate. The experience begins with a discovery of the precious collection and oldest cellars. Then, crystal will celebrate the quintessence of LOUIS XIII during a ceremonial tasting where the aromas will weave a harmonious blend of flowers, fruits and spices.

The Programme
Throughout this day-long tour, you and your guests will discover the ageing cellars of Maison Rémy Martin and visit the Grollet estate, lead by your own personal guide. You will enjoy a gastronomic lunch in one of our private lounges and a walk through the Grande Champagne vineyards. Unique to the LOUIS XIII experience, you will have the opportunity for two tastings* of our LOUIS XIII Cognac throughout the day.

1500€ / Person

This unique experience is available all year round, booking required, minimum of 2 people. Please contact our hospitality team for booking.

LOUIS XIII invites you to live an endless experience. THE INFINITY WHEEL offers the opportunity to refill the decanter an endless number of times, enabling the extraordinary life of each decanter to become eternal. Live THE INFINITY EXPERIENCE in the LOUIS XIII boutique in Cognac.

The Programme
THE INFINITY EXPERIENCE begins by meeting at the LOUIS XIII boutique in Cognac, where you will drop off your decanter for a meticulous inspection and cleaning by our team. On Day 2, you will participate in the decanter filling ritual, an experience that will be digitally recorded for you. Read more about THE INFINITY EXPERIENCE.

Price: 3580€, 2 days

This experience is available all year round, please contact our hospitality team for booking.

More Cognac Estate Tours & Experiences

The House of Rémy Martin invites you to discover how Cognac Fine Champagne is created and learn about the savoir-faire of the people who work for the House of Rémy Martin. Our range of unique experiences across our historic estates are bound to create memories for years to come.

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