LOUIS XIII : The Thesaurus Art Book

The Thesaurus Art Book

The Thesaurus is a unique art book that tells the remarkable story of LOUIS XIII cognac. Devised by ACC ART, London-based publisher of numerous luxury brand stories, who has decided to compose a perfect melodic line for this new creation, this immersive masterpiece blends fact and fiction from the past, present and future, bringing LOUIS XIII to life in a compelling new way the art.

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The Thesaurus

The Thesaurus is a combination of authentic archive materials and fictional accounts inspired by real events. Divided into 13 seasons, each divided into 2 episodes, one fiction and one documentary, The Thesaurus delves into the LOUIS XIII cognac history while exploring its future, taking you on a journey through time from the 16th to the 22nd century and back again. Time and reality are choreographed into fictional tales while first-hand accounts are intertwined, supported by archive photography, technical records and original illustrations.

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Key characters

LOUIS XIII cognac has touched the lives of many people. Using a variety of means, the book explores the links between LOUIS XIII cognac and famous names, as well as those who have helped shape the journey of this extraordinary spirit. The engaging stories feature characters and situations, both real and invented, interspersed with authentic documents and supported by original illustrations and graceful photography.

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The Thesaurus tells the LOUIS XIII story from multiple viewpoints. Its complex narrative incorporates both real and imaginary tales from the people and objects that represent LOUIS XIII cognac throughout time. The story unfolds through a series of engaging fictional anecdotes, from the innermost feelings of a decanter buried on a 16th-century battlefield in Jarnac to a tantalising account from on board the Orient Express in 1928, when a flamboyant young man stopped the train in order to fully appreciate his glass of LOUIS XIII cognac. And in a captivating love story, we hear what happens when a single drop of LOUIS XIII came into contact with a beautiful woman in 2015. These fascinating tales are interspersed with real archive material showcasing many pivotal moments in the history of LOUIS XIII, such as its presence on the SS Normandie maiden voyage and its longstanding associations with royalty. Displaying the visionary thinking for which LOUIS XIII cognac is renowned, this coffee table book also imagines the part that LOUIS XIII will play in shaping our future. For example, we read an imagined conversation between an oak tree and a dryad (a spirit of the trees) from deep within the Limousin forest in 2028, and discover an intriguing confidential report from 2036 on the exploration of the underground strata of the Grande Champagne region.

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