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LOUIS XIII : The Cigar Set

The Cigar Set

The LOUIS XIII Gift Collection is a series of limited-edition tailor-made gift coffrets designed to mark a celebratory moment in a unique way combining LOUIS XIII cognac, a selection of specially chosen accessories, and an optional bespoke experience.

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Time to celebrate

The Gift Collection offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the moment of a lifetime with the help of LOUIS XIII cognac. Each of the six themed coffrets is designed to complement the unique taste of LOUIS XIII cognac, while appealing to the gift recipient’s interests and desires. Featuring an elegant, contemporary design adorned in LOUIS XIII’s signature red, each luxurious coffret in The Gift Collection contains three separate compartments. The largest chamber holds a handcrafted Classic decanter of LOUIS XIII cognac – a unique blend of selected aged eaux-de-vie from grapes grown in Grande Champagne in Cognac. Alongside this chamber are two drawers, with the top drawer holding two limited-edition engraved cognac glasses, designed by French designer Christophe Pillet. All coffrets in The Gift Collection contain the LOUIS XIII Classic decanter and two tasting glasses, while a third drawer opens up to reveal an interchangeable selection of accessories and gifts. For the accessories, LOUIS XIII has collaborated with prestigious French houses S.T. Dupont, Bernardaud, Christofle and Baccarat, all of which share the same level of craftsmanship and know-how as LOUIS XIII, and whose products make a perfect match for the LOUIS XIII Classic decanter and cognac tasting glasses.

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More collections to explore

The LOUIS XIII Gift Collection comprises the following themed coffrets: The Expert set – containing a fleur de lys-engraved pipette, white gloves and a quiz set (featuring 10 LOUIS XIII secrets). The Cigar set – containing a fleur de lys-engraved S.T. Dupont lighter and a chrome-plated cigar cutter. The Caviar set – containing a fleur de lys-engraved Christofle silver-plated caviar serving set and five nacre caviar spoons. The Bellota set – containing a Bernardaud white bellota ham porcelain volcano plate featuring a 22 carat gold-plated fleur de lys. The Serving set – containing a fleur de lys-engraved silver-plated tray and a set of coasters from Christofle. The Souvenir set – a fleur de lys-engraved Christofle silver photo frame and a Baccarat crystal fleur de lys paperweight.

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At the heart of The Gift Collection is the notion of toasting a memorable moment with a glass of LOUIS XIII cognac, a tradition that has been carried out all over the world since 1874. Whether your intention is to honour a significant anniversary or milestone, or to celebrate a momentous achievement, a coffret from The Gift Collection offers a new and exciting way to explore the LOUIS XIII universe, to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and to fully appreciate the complexity of LOUIS XIII cognac.