Discover LOUIS XIII with our Cellar Master

Baptiste Loiseau accompanies you to taste LOUIS XIII.

LOUIS XIII Cognac - Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau

Savour LOUIS XIII to the fullest

LOUIS XIII is best savoured drop by drop.

Place a drop on your lips first, to prepare the palate, and let the wave rise. Experience the myriad combinations, floral, light, opulent and intense… Rich with a complexity that takes decades to master, LOUIS XIII evokes notes and scents of myrrh, honey, dried roses, plum, honeysuckle, cigar box, leather, figs, passion fruit... Aromatic reminiscences that spark buried memories and experience from times past. LOUIS XIII is the fragrance of time.

Caring for your decanter

The Art of preservation.

We recommend using the crystal stopper to display and serve LOUIS XIII. For storing, it is best to use the cork stopper to preserve the full aromas of LOUIS XIII for the next tasting. To protect the decanter, it must be kept upright and preferably in temperatures below 20°C, shielded from humidity and direct sunlight. The decanter with its gold neck, its crystal stopper and the display mirror can be polished using a soft cloth.

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Time Collection: City of Lights – 1900

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