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With its distinctive shape, dentelles and fleur-de-lys motif, the LOUIS XIII decanter is a true mark of elegance that augments the LOUIS XIII tasting ritual .

The design of the LOUIS XIII decanter draws its inspiration from a flask that Paul-Émile Rémy Martin, founder of LOUIS XIII, owned. The flask had been discovered on the site where the Battle of Jarnac took place in 1569 and is thought to originate from that time. Based on this historic flask, the first LOUIS XIII decanter was designed in 1874.

An object of Elegance

LOUIS XIII works with renown crystal manufacturers in Europe to create each of its decanters. Artisans use their unparalleled savoir-faire to handcraft the LOUIS XIII designs. Hand-blown and hand-cut, each decanter highlights the elegance of the amber liquid held within. It is a work of art. LOUIS XIII Cognac needs to be enjoyed slowly, with time, and using all the senses. Every individual moment of the tasting ritual should be savored, starting with a visual appreciation of LOUIS XIII Cognac. In that respect, the sublime craftsmanship of each decanter contributes to the rich sensory experience of LOUIS XIII

Six LOUIS XIII decanter sizes

The names of the three largest decanters - Jeroboam, Mathusalem and Le Salmanazar – owe their names to noteworthy characters from history and religion.  Each individually numbered decanter size preserves the signature LOUIS XIII silhouette with defining features including the fleur-de lys, a 20-carat gold neck, dentelle spikes running down each side and the fleur-de lys stopper.  

Tasting & Scarcity

The Miniature is the smallest of all LOUIS XIII decanters, containing 5cl of the precious cognac blend. Although delicate in size, the decanter preserves the same defining features as the larger decanters: it is a jewel-like introduction to LOUIS XIII. 

The Classic is the signature decanter size of LOUIS XIII, holding 75cl of LOUIS XIII Cognac, followed by the Magnum, which holds 1.75L.

The 3L Jeroboam decanter is accompanied by a series of accessories including four glasses, a letter from the Cellar Master, and a LOUIS XIII Spear, which enables hosts to perform the same serving ritual that the Cellar Master would when preparing a glass of LOUIS XIII Cognac.

Craftmanship & Elegance

Similarly, the 6L Mathusalem – of which only 50 are produced each year – is presented in a display chest with eight glasses designed by Christophe Pillet, a tray and a LOUIS XIII Spear.

Finally, the largest decanter of all – Le Salmanazar – is one-of a-kind. It is the only LOUIS XIII decanter to have been create in this size and, like the Jeroboam and Mathusalem, comes with dedicated accessories. Crafted from 1 kilograms of crystal and containing 9L of LOUIS XIII Cognac, it is an object of incredible rarity that embodies the exceptional nature of LOUIS XIII.  

As the most available LOUIS XIII decanter, The Classic incorporates NFC technology.

Located in the cork stopper, the NFC chip allows clients to connect to the LOUIS XIII Society using their phones. Access to this private members’ club is exclusively reserved to LOUIS XIII clients, providing them with unique experiences, personalized services and more. Although anchored in tradition thanks to its historic design, the Classic decanter looks to the future by integrating the latest advances in technology. In all its forms, not simply in taste, the LOUIS XIII experience is a journey through time.  

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