Time Collection: The Origin – 1874

The Origin – 1874, from the LOUIS XIII Time Collection, is the first in a series of limited-edition decanters, paying tribute to the original LOUIS XIII decanter created in 1874.

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Sizes guide
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LOUISXIII Time Collection 1874
LOUISXIII Time Collection 1874

LOUIS XIII Time Collection – The Origin – 1874, 70cl

Our limited-edition LOUIS XIII Time Collection – The Origin – 1874 decanter contains our LOUIS XIII blend of the finest and most precious eaux-de-vie, made from grapes grown in Grande Champagne. This fiery clear liquid is slowly aged in century-old oak barrels, resulting in the unmistakable taste of LOUIS XIII cognac first created by Paul-Émile Rémy Martin in 1874. It is the role of our Cellar Masters to maintain the same quality, consistency and essence of LOUIS XIII to ensure that each exclusive LOUIS XIII decanter delivers the same taste and aromas every time.

The LOUIS XIII Time Collection: The Origin – 1874 decanter

The silhouette of LOUIS XIII Time Collection: The Origin – 1874 decanter is modelled on a 16th-century flask uncovered near the site of the Battle of Jarnac, France. Owned by LOUIS XIII founder Paul-Émile Rémy Martin, the flask inspired LOUIS XIII's exclusive decanter design.

As the first in the limited-edition Time Collection, The Origin – 1874 decanter commemorates the original design of the first-ever LOUIS XIII decanters. Unique details include a central fleur-de-lys medallion and neck in champagne gold, 13 dentelle crystal spikes on each side and an exclusive stopper that takes the form of an upturned decanter.

Each Time Collection – The Origin – 1874 decanter is hand blown by master crystal artisans. This edition has been released at 2,500 units.


LOUIS XIII Time Collection 1874 Coffret
LOUIS XIII Time Collection 1874 Coffret

The coffret

The first release of Time Collection, The Origin – 1874 comes in a coffret, to match the decanter neck. The coffret’s embossed woven surface references the wicker baskets used to deliver the original LOUIS XIII cognac nearly 150 years ago. The case is sealed with a metal rod, just as the original baskets were. Every detail marks The Origin – 1874 as an special addition to the LOUIS XIII family. A treasure to keep in your collection of limited-edition LOUIS XIII cognac decanters for generations.

A new chapter

The Time Collection is a series of special limited editions showcasing milestones in the history of LOUIS XIII, and The Origin – 1874 is the first, naturally commemorating the creation of LOUIS XIII. It was in 1874 when visionary founder Paul-Émile Rémy Martin laid the foundations of the House of LOUIS XIII.

For decades, cognac had been sold in barrels, but Paul-Émile realised that individual bottles would set his cognac further apart. He set about reproducing a glass design of a flask discoved near the site of the Battle of Jarnac that would transform it into a precious decanter. Paul-Émile had struck upon an idea that would prove to be an act of genius. This decanter would be reserved for only the noblest eaux-de-vie: a generous blend of the very best and oldest reserves in the Rémy Martin cellars, from Grande Champagne.

LOUIS XIII Tasting suggestion

Tasting and serving suggestion

The full personality of LOUIS XIII cognac is brought to life when served neat in cognac glasses. We recommend using our cognac glasses, specially designed by Christophe Pillet to enhance the tasting experience. To serve from your exclusive LOUIS XIII decanter, pour the cognac into the glass at room temperature and leave to rest for a few moments. This allows the unique aromas to permeate its surroundings.

The LOUIS XIII Time Collection – The Origin – 1874 decanter pays tribute to our very first cognac, and because creating LOUIS XIII cognac takes time, the tasting experience should be enjoyed in the same way: slowly. Discover LOUIS XIII Glasses

LOUIS XIII Tasting notes

LOUIS XIII Flavour notes

Inside the exclusive LOUIS XIII Time Collection – The Origin – 1874 decanter, is our signature LOUIS XIII cognac blend. The aromatic flavours burst with notes of exotic fruits and flowers. Figs, plum, honeysuckle and dried roses give way to distinctive spices and aromas. The finish lingers on the palate for more than an hour, leaving you with hints of jasmine, saffron and cigar box.

LOUIS XIII Food Pairing

Food Pairing

LOUIS XIII cognac can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family to celebrate a special moment. Food pairing can bring a new dimension to the tasting experience, and we recommend choosing food with similar prestige and flavour profiles, such as fine caviar, and shavings of jamón ibérico.