The Mathusalem

Discover LOUIS XIII Mathusalem, a 6L decanter. The biggest LOUIS XIII decanter that makes for a rare and exquisite collectors item.

Limited to 1 decanter per order

Sizes guide
Sizes guide
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LOUIS XIII Mathusalem
LOUIS XIII Mathusalem

LOUIS XIII the Mathusalem 6L

The LOUIS XIII Mathusalem contains 6L of LOUIS XIII cognac, created from the finest and most precious eaux-de-vie, aged over decades by generations of Cellar Masters. These are made from grapes grown in Cognac’s prestigious Grande Champagne AOC. Once distilled, the eaux-de-vie are slowly aged in century-old Limousin oak barrels called tierçons to create our distinctive profile. It is a finely tuned craft, perfected and passed on from one generation of Cellar Master to the next.

LOUIS XIII Mathusalem Making Process
LOUIS XIII Mathusalem Making Process

The Mathusalem decanter

The LOUIS XIII Mathusalem is testament to our pioneering spirit and innovation. Each 6L cognac decanter is handmade by a team of 20 master crystal artisans, who must battle against the forces of gravity to produce a masterpiece. The decanter silhouette remains unchanged, even in its largest 6L bottle format. The design was inspired by a 16th-century flask uncovered from the site of the Battle of Jarnac in France. The Mathusalem is precious and rare with only 50 produced each year, making it ideal for your collection.

LOUIS XIII Coffret Mathusalem
LOUIS XIII Coffret Mathusalem

The Coffret

With its imposing size and inherent sense of occasion, our LOUIS XIII Mathusalem decanter is presented in a display chest, which reveals our 6L decanter alongside eight Christophe Pillet-designed glasses, a serving tray and spear. The traditional pipette allows you to perform the same serving ritual as a LOUIS XIII Cellar Master would, when extracting the cognac from the cask.

LOUIS XIII Tasting suggestion

Tasting and serving suggestion

The LOUIS XIII Mathusalem signifies a moment of pure celebration, inviting you to savour the individual notes of the finest eaux-de-vie.

When serving your cognac, use your LOUIS XIII Spear (otherwise known as a pipette) to extract the amber liquid drop by drop, just as our Cellar Master would. Serve LOUIS XIII cognac at room temperature in the accompanying exclusive LOUIS XIII glasses, specially designed to enhance every nuance of LOUIS XIII cognac.

Allow the cognac to rest in the glass for a few moments as you take in its complex aromas. First from afar, then close to the nose. Place a drop of LOUIS XIII cognac on your lips, allowing it to slowly ignite your palate, then take your time to enjoy, one sip at a time. Discover LOUIS XIII Accessories

LOUIS XIII Tasting notes

LOUIS XIII Tasting notes

LOUIS XIII cognac should be tasted drop by drop. It opens on the palate in a burst of floral, fruit and spice aromas. As you taste, take time to appreciate the evolution of these flavours, which linger on the palate for up to one hour.

You can taste the art of time from the very first drop, its unmistakable woody notes evocative of aged oak casks, and years of artistry leading to an explosion of floral, fruity and spicy notes, including dried roses, honey, myrrh, cigar box, plum, honeysuckle, leather, figs and passion fruit. Savour the unforgettable flavours that will linger for a long time on your palate, sparking deep-rooted memories and marking a unique moment in time.

LOUIS XIII Food Pairing

Food Pairing

A special serving platter will accompany your LOUIS XIII cognac Mathusalem, allowing you to share each LOUIS XIII moment with friends and family. Food pairing brings a new dimension to the tasting experience. Consider the complex flavours of LOUIS XIII cognac when making your food selection. We recommend pairing our cognac with rare delicacies that have equally intricate flavour profiles, such as fine caviar, or shavings of jamón ibérico.