Louis XIII cognac

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The collection

LOUIS XIII dates back to the 19th century, nurtured by generations devoted to the finest cognac ever produced.

Each decanter is created as a unique expression of the traditional know-how of the House and is part of an iconic collection.

Iconic Venues

From Las Vegas to Sydney, from London to Hong Kong, LOUIS XIII has always been encountered in prestigious places.

All of them have in some way helped bolster the legend of LOUIS XIII, celebrating the heritage of this outstanding cognac.

Tasting journey

Mr. Georges Clot, a former LOUIS XIII Cellar Master, used to say: “When you discover LOUIS XIII, you become a different man". This encounter will plunge you into an memorable labyrinth, into the maze of a suave and silky pleasure.

Please embark on this unique journey, which will take you through a century of aromas and to the origins of LOUIS XIII.


The legacy

Coming exclusively from the prestigious growth of Grande Champagne, LOUIS XIII has been an ambassador of the French art-de-vivre since its origins in 1874.

Decades of travels and encounters have made LOUIS XIII a faithful witness of landmarks and luminaries across history. 

the art of Craftsmanship

LOUIS XIII is a cognac like no other.

Since its inception, the know-how and vision of four generations of Cellar Masters dedicated to selecting, blending and ageing the most extraordinary eaux-de-vies have contributed to perpetuate the pursuit of excellence and the transmission of such timeless treasure.

Louis XIII society

Exclusive content & services dedicated to our LOUIS XIII clientele

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