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Hitos de Coñac LOUIS XIII

La leyenda de LOUIS XIII ha sido narrada por personas excepcionales, lugares extraordinarios y la impronta misma de la historia.
Descubra la saga de LOUIS XIII.


A flask unearthed from the battlefield at Jarnac (France) will later serve as the inspiration for the iconic LOUIS XIII decanter.


Paul-Émile Rémy Martin creates LOUIS XIII.


Registration of LOUIS XIII in the United States


The first cases of LOUIS XIII are shipped to Shanghaï


The greatest universal exhibition of all time, and LOUIS XIII is there for all to admire.


LOUIS XIII travels across Europe on board the Orient-Express


Maiden voyage of the Normandie with LOUIS XIII served in first class


LOUIS XIII is served to King Georges VI and Queen Elisabeth

1944 General De Gaulle makes an order of LOUIS XIII to celebrate the victorious end of the Second World War

Churchill discovers LOUIS XIII on a trip to Aix en Provence, France


LOUIS XIII flies on board the Concorde