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The Grollet Domain

JULY 2018

Explore the vineyards in Cognac this summer

The earth travels around the sun in an almost perfect circle and in summer, when it’s high in the sky and the light is more intense, it’s “la fête” in Cognac! Every year in the month of July, thousands gather at the marina to celebrate the gifts of the land. It’s a festive time and a gastronomic odyssey: a unique opportunity to experience all the different tastes and flavours of the terroir and a glorious moment to discover the birthplace of LOUIS XIII cognac. In the finest vineyards of Grande Champagne, the first cru of the Cognac region, our precious grapes are ripening – nothing but the purest grapes for a LOUIS XIII. Harvested at the height of their aromatic maturity, their fresh juice is left to ferment naturally and the fragile wine produced is distilled twice to become our future eaux‐de‐vie – perhaps… Out of some 1000 samples, only a dozen of these fiery young spirits will be selected by our Cellar Master ageing in our tiercons as of 40 years old. An epic journey through time.

Visit us in Cognac this summer.