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Celebrate spring with LOUIS XIII in Cognac

MARCH 2018

Celebrate spring with LOUIS XIII in Cognac

Cognac in Spring is sublime. The air is sweet with the smell of fresh fruit and flowers. A warm breeze envelops the vineyards and bright, crystalline sunrays dance on the stone walls of the chais where our precious eaux de vie lie in waiting.

It's a magical time to visit the Grollet Estate, a garden of Eden in the heart of Grande Champagne where the "angel's share" of our prestigious cognac is palpable. All your senses are alive and open to the aromatic depths and rich complexity of our amber nectar, watched over season after season, decade after decade, by generations of Cellar Masters

Discover a treasured collection of tiercons in the tranquility of our oldest cellars, celebrate the quintessence of Louis XIII in a ceremonial tasting experience and savor a gourmet lunch or dinner in the old distillery. Reserve your exclusive LOUIS XIII experience here.