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An extraordinary bouquet for mothers' day

MAY 2018

An extraordinary bouquet for mothers' day

There are some dates that should never be forgotten and Mothers’ Day is one of them. Like each precious decanter of LOUIS XIII cognac, it marks years of devotion to a singular destiny – in this case, yours. What better way to thank your mother this year than by offering her the extraordinary bouquet of a LOUIS XIII.

Lift the fleur de lys stopper, delicately insert the pipette into the iconic decanter and draw out a few centiliters. Pour into a dedicated crystal glass and succumb to a myriad of combinations: exceptional notes of myrrh, honey, dried roses, plum, honeysuckle, figs and passion fruit…scents that shaped your childhood and forged your future, aromatic reminiscences of a mothers’ love.

Rekindle old memories on Mothers’ Day with a LOUIS XIII cognac. Discover our iconic collection and limited editions or visit a LOUIS XIII Cognac fortress near you and share an unforgettable tasting experience together.