Rare Cask 43,8

Discover LOUIS XIII Rare cask 43,8, a unique and rare blend of exceptional flavors presented in a spectacular black crystal decanter.
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LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 43,8 CloseUp
LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 43,8 CloseUp

LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 43,8 70cl

Baccarat crystal masters have pushed the boundaries of their art and have successfully met the challenge of recreating the iconic decanter of LOUIS XIII in black crystal, an extremely rare substance.

Each crystal decanter is a spectacular race against time, executed by a team of some twenty master craftsmen working in union to perform more than fifty operations against a perfectly opaque blackness.

The decanter's neck is dressed in palladium, a rare and precious metal that ranks with gold and platinum. Each numbered decanter is a genuine work of art in crystal, requiring nearly two weeks of work to complete.

"In 2004, I was conducting my annual inspection when I discovered a most unusual cask. Nature for some reason had blessed this one tierçon with a touch higher alcoholic content. And within that cask I discovered a truly unprecedented expression of those rare flavor notes that are the defining mark of LOUIS XIII.

Cautiously, I set aside this exceptional cask and studied its development for an additional four years. My first impressions were confirmed. The alcoholic content and the flavors remained exceptional. It was then that I made a decision unprecedented in the history of LOUIS XIII.

I decided that the extraordinary distinction that I had observed here would not be merged with other LOUIS XIII tierçons.

This incredibly rare expression of the LOUIS XIII profile would be bottled as a special edition in its own right.

And so the first edition of LOUIS XIII Rare Cask was born. Being a scientist by nature, I have of course asked myself what factors might have produced this remarkable exception.

But I know of no way to replicate the event. Instinct tells me that I will one day find another such cask, and to that extent Rare Cask now takes its place as a permanent companion to the classic LOUIS XIII.

But I cannot say when the next discovery might occur. I know that the alcoholic level will once again be raised, but I cannot say by how much. The tasting profile will be extraordinary, but I cannot say what that profile will be. A Rare Cask is a natural miracle that will always remain beyond the reach of prediction."

– Pierrette Trichet