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Enjoy the LOUIS XIII the Miniature (5cl) with one large size “Facets of LOUIS XIII” glass (4cl), exclusively designed for LOUIS XIII by world-renowned French designer Christophe Pillet, for an enhanced LOUIS XIII cognac tasting experience. Height of glass: 21cm.

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LOUIS XIII The Miniature 5cl
LOUIS XIII The Miniature 5cl

LOUIS XIII The Miniature, 5cl

LOUIS XIII is an exceptional blend of the finest and most precious eaux-de-vie from grapes grown in Grande Champagne. This fiery, colourless liquid is poured into century-old Limousin oak casks to mature over the years.

Since 1874, our Cellar Masters have set aside the finest Grande Champagne eau-de-vie for their successor to use in the future. At the same time, our Cellar Master will use artistic intuition and craftsmanship to hand-pick different combinations of aged eaux-de-vie set aside by their predecessors to blend in such a way that retains the taste and aromas of LOUIS XIII cognac throughout time.

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LOUIS XIII Single Crystal Glass 4cl
LOUIS XIII Single Crystal Glass 4cl

LOUIS XIII Single Crystal Glass, 4cl

LOUIS XIII cognac represents the culmination of patience and unique savoir-faire and expertise, resulting in its unrivalled flavour profile. Such a product demands the same level of time, care and attention when tasting, in order to best appreciate its complex and individual aromas. With this in mind, we worked with world-renowned designer Christophe Pillet to create our bespoke "Facets of LOUIS XIII" glasses, with every detail painstakingly formulated to allow the multifaceted characteristics of LOUIS XIII cognac to shine through.

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