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LOUIS XIII Prince glasses

Set of 6 Crystal Glasses

A set of six small size “Facets of LOUIS XIII” glasses, exclusively designed for LOUIS XIII by world-renowned French designer Christophe Pillet, to expose and enhance the multifaceted characteristics of our cognac, perfect for a 1 to 2 cl glass of LOUIS XIII Cognac.
Height: 19,2cm

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LOUIS XIII Pillet glass
LOUIS XIII Pillet glass

The LOUIS XIII tasting experience

LOUIS XIII cognac represents the culmination of patience and unique savoir-faire and expertise, resulting in its unrivalled flavour profile. Such a product demands the same level of time, care and attention when tasting, in order to best appreciate its complex and individual aromas. With this in mind, we worked with world-renowned designer Christophe Pillet to create our bespoke "Facets of LOUIS XIII" glasses, with every detail painstakingly formulated to allow the multifaceted characteristics of LOUIS XIII cognac to shine through.

Celebrate with LOUIS XIII

LOUIS XIII cognac is the perfect accompaniment to special moments in life, and our "Facets of LOUIS XIII" glasses have been designed with these celebrations in mind. When you clink two LOUIS XIII cognac glasses together they emit a crystal-clear extended G-sharp note. It is a sound so exceptional that we commissioned Paris-based pianist Yaron Herman to create a special composition. Featuring only the G-sharp note, Yaron's composition evolves through different octaves, rhythms and timbres to form a spectacular final piece that begins and ends with the chime of two "Facets of LOUIS XIII" glasses making a toast.


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