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LOUIS XIII LE JEROBOAM was born on a scale as great as the reputation of LOUIS XIII since its creation in 1874. A masterpiece of the LOUIS XIII collection, LE JEROBOAM is released in a very limited quantity each year, reserved for a few privileged aficionados.


LE JEROBOAM is four times the capacity of the standard LOUIS XIII. Each decanter is individually fashioned by a team of nine exceptionally skilled crystal craftsmen working in unison at Cristallerie de Sèvres.


But there is more to LE JEROBOAM than sheer volume. The size of the decanter invites a ritual of tasting that draws the consumer into the very creation of LOUIS XIII. LE JEROBOAM must be approached as each Cellar Master has approached it, across one hundred years of blending and ageing.

The decanter arrives protected in a wooden trunk and, like the precious casks in the cellar, is spared all unnecessary disturbance. Just as the Cellar Master at the cask, the spirit is drawn out with a pipette that samples the precious contents with just the lightest touch.

The pipette is a tool traditionally used exclusively by the Cellar Master and passed on from generation to generation. Four special crystal glasses designed by Christophe Pillet also accompany the decanter, for sharing this outstanding cognac. When served, the eye will be struck by the splendor of richly complex tones of gold and glints of flaming red.

Then, the nose will savor in turn each wave of exquisite sensation – first monumental intensity, then delicate floral notes, then a majestic closing chord of rich spice.