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The LOUIS XIII tierçon is a cask originally designed for the carriage of cognac on horse-drawn carts, three casks at a time, hence the name.

LOUIS XIII traditionnally uses using casks made of Limousin oak, which have the perfect tannins and porosity for the ageing of an eau-de-vie.

Ageing entails a continuous exchange between spirit and outside air, and the tierçon has the most perfect form for this purpose.

The Cellar Master will inspect and sample each cask every year, judging evolution with an expert nose and selecting certain casks to be blended with certain others.

At fifty years of age, three hundred eaux-de-vie have already been married in this fashion – and one Cellar Master has already passed the legacy to the next.

At seventy-five years of age, the number of eaux-de-vie that are blended in each cask is now approaching seven hundred – and the passing years have seen the duty handed down to yet another Cellar Master.

It will be another twenty-five years, and another Cellar Master, before the legend touches perfection