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To celebrate its 140th anniversary, LOUIS XIII launches "QUEST FOR A LEGEND", a worldwide quest to unveil a hidden treasure.

The Quest will scour the globe in pursuit of the rarest LOUIS XIII decanter on earth, starting in February 2015 in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and India; the search will soon after spread to other parts of the world.

It is going to be a thrilling and emotional journey to encounter the LOUIS XIII legend. It will unite devotees of legacy, craftmanship, beauty, history, adventure and legend.

This Quest is not a race against time, it is time itself.


A modern and contemporary interpretation by Designer Christophe PILLET

“Sensorial experience through time and ultimate luxury"

Looking to conceive a genuine family of objects, Christophe Pillet designed each of his creations by linking them to his experience of LOUIS XIII, with special attention devoted to the way they relate to the light.

"I took into consideration the fact that LOUIS XIII cognac is often enjoyed in settings where the light is somewhat filtered. Hence the importance of using these accessories as catalysts of light to reinforce the exclusive nature of the moment experienced", points out the designer.

To achieve this, Christophe Pillet based his design on highly elaborately worked features and on the use of noble materials such as crystal and polished and brushed stainless steel - symbols of the excellence and craftsmanship in the service of luxury.


Genius is at work here: between exceptional design and a legendary cognac, alchemy is created based on the same knowledge and quest for a timeless elegance that enable Christophe Pillet to create his own contemporary interpretation.


A graduate of the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Nice and the Domus Academy in Milan, Christophe Pillet has been based in Paris for the past twenty years. Following his collaboration with the Memphis group (Andrea Branzi, Martine Bedin, etc.) and a stint working in the agency of Philippe Starck, he set up his own company in 1993, after creating a number of original designs released by the Xo design house.