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To celebrate its 140th anniversary, LOUIS XIII launches "QUEST FOR A LEGEND", a worldwide quest to unveil a hidden treasure.

The Quest will scour the globe in pursuit of the rarest LOUIS XIII decanter on earth, starting in February 2015 in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and India; the search will soon after spread to other parts of the world.

It is going to be a thrilling and emotional journey to encounter the LOUIS XIII legend. It will unite devotees of legacy, craftmanship, beauty, history, adventure and legend.

This Quest is not a race against time, it is time itself.


Time for LOUIS XIII is ever measured on the grandest scale.

The fabulous crystal decanter that bears the name today owes its inspiration to a humble flask that was lost on a French battlefield more than four centuries ago. Today, crystal takes the place of glass, and that ancient metal form lives on in the dazzling hand-crafted execution that the world knows today.

Crystal is a symbol of exception and enduring perfection. Most of all, it is the perfect echo of the vision that Paul-Émile Rémy Martin first declared for the Cognac that would become LOUIS XIII – to be an international icon of luxury and a potent symbol of the French art de vivre. The Louis XIII decanter is every inch the expression of that ambition.

No two LOUIS XIII decanters are ever exactly the same. A genuine work of art in crystal, each piece is executed in the manner of an Haute Couture creation, individually numbered and hand-blown.

Each decanter requires the perfect synchronization of 11 craftsmen who first blow the crystal, place by hand characteristics ornaments, and decorate the neck with 24-carat gold in a balletic performance that is timed to complete each operation while the glass remains at the perfect temperature.